Welcome y00tiful People

Welcome to y⁷ a fun filled, intellectual playground embossed in luxury. The exclusivity of this group can only be attained by securing 7 or more of these playful yet gorgeous looking y00ts.
By owning atleast 7 of these gems you will have exclusive access to our club that aims to redefine the rules of the game. A handful of visionaries that can truly create wonder allow history to be re-written and legacies to be built. We believe these visionaries are here, and are ready to change the world.

Foster a holder community that is motivated to create content, build, and add value to fellow holders, creators, builders and the y00ts brand and ecosystem.


Become the top sub community for y00ts, providing quantifiable value for y⁷ and y00ts holders. Help y00ts get to a floor price of 33 ETH.

Dual Mandate

The dual mandate of y⁷ and our main goals will always be to:

  • 1. Highlight and Help every y00t/creator here while uniting all y00ts!
  • 2. Increase Value for y⁷ holders and show people why they should join y⁷

There are many different conventional and unconventional ways we can accomplish these two goals, and we want to help build the infrastructure that will allow us to get there faster.

Make y⁷ brand more exclusive like a luxury brand in an organic and natural fashion while keeping the fun, playful, and minimalistic vibe of y00ts. The y00ts community has more creators and outspoken intellectuals than any other community, and that’s the value we will harness and build upon.

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